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Shipping from China to Canada cost

Generally, the shipping from China to Canada cost depends on the number of goods, volume of goods, type of products and size of goods. Naturally, if you want to move more products, the more expensive it will be. But here we are going to talk about sea freight and air freight costs. so depending on the type of your goods, choose the best shipping from China to Canada.

1. Sea freight cost
shipping from China to Canada includes lots of objects. especially local transportation, cargo, and unloading and area charges are so important. This pay additionally covers other duties. So there isn’t an absolute cost for transporting from China to Canada. The cost of shipping is depending on so many factors but that is not limited to the load space, freighting land, type of shipping and a special carrier.

shipping from china shanghai ningbo shenzhen to canada rats

  shipping from shanghai shipping from ningbo shipping from shenzhen
shipping to vancouver $1960 $1565 $1399

Shipping to montreal

$1314 $1303 $1282

Shipping to toronto

$1289 $1290 $1298

 all people who decided to use Sea freight from China to Canada should know that the different circumstances affect the cost of sea freight..

2、Air freight rates from china to canada

Note that the air freight rate is calculated based on the weight and volume. Here you need to first measure the volumetric weight and the gross weight of the product. To calculate the gross weight, place the product on the scales. We also use the following formula for volumetric weight:

(Length×weight×high) /167

Then the biggest number is your chargeable weight for freight rate. But that’s not the end of the story. There are many other factors that affect your costs such as:

Cargo insurance


Fuel surcharges


Freight class

Customs duties and taxes

Pick up and delivery

For details check this link air freight quote.

For air shipping from China to Canda, Air freight is a reliable and effective method for quick transport. Air cargo regularly has high value to weight or has an exact schedule.

Main Airports in China

1.Beijing Capital International Airport

2.Shanghai Pudong International Airport

3.Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

4.Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

Main airports in canada

1.Toronto Pearson International Airport

2.Vancouver International Airport

3.Montréal-Trudeau International Airport

4.Calgary International Airport

5.Edmonton International Airport