Shipping costs sea freight or air freight.


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A professional freight forwarder company like Topshipping, can give you real and accurate rates. This will prevent additional costs and unexpected surprises in your invoice. Your shipping costs depend on many factors, such as:Shipping method: sea freight or air freight.


Sea freight costs are calculated based on FCL nd LCL shipping. Therefore, FCL costs, distance, and load volume are affected. But the volume, weight, and port of destination and origin play a role in calculating the costs of LCL. Air freight costs are based on chargeable volume.

About 25% of your shipping invoice covers storage costs. About 25% of your shipping invoice includes storage costs. If you are using sea freight, your shipment may be delayed. In shipping from China to USA, your goods definitely need to be stored for several days. As a result, it is important that the warehouse is tailored to the needs of your product.
To calculate warehousing costs, first, measure all the space walls you pay for. Then calculate the number of square feet: (feet deep×feet long). Compute the cost of the services you used in the warehouse, such as rent, facilities, guard, insurance, and special equipment. Now divide the total cost by the number of storage square feet.

Insurance and packaging

Packaging is one of the most important steps of shipping. You need to know the difference between domestic and international shipping and try to make it safe and choose the right packaging.

Because in shipping from China to USA, your goods go through different conditions and must reach you safely. We recommend that you do not skimp on this step. Do not look for cheap prices, look for the most durable and suitable

Packaging materials.
Insurance that protects you from additional costs and compensation. In sea transport, it is necessary to use the best insurance conditions. Because the risk of damaging the product in this way is higher.