Sea freight has gone up again! North American ports are blocked again! The three major container ports in Europe fall...


The Drewry World Container Index shows that in the past week, container freight from Asia to the United States and Europe once again hit a record high.


The transportation cost in the coming Q4 peak season will remain high: the price of 40-foot containers from Shanghai to Los Angeles has increased by 1% from last week and by 236% from a year ago ; freight from Shanghai to Rotterdam has risen to US$12,954+, with 8 main items The composite index of trade routes soared by 339% from a year ago ...


Congestion in Long Beach , Los Angeles , North America is returning . Vancouver and Toronto have joined the congested port team. The Alliance has announced on the EC5 route that it will continue to jump to the port of Halifax for 8 weeks. No port call will be arranged before September!


According to staff monitoring port traffic, as of Wednesday night, the number of anchored container ships waiting to be unloaded in Long Beach, Los Angeles, was 18.


Antwerp, the second largest port in Europe, has also begun to congest after Rotterdam and Hamburg. So far, all three major container ports in Europe have fallen!

In Asia, 50,000 containers are crowded into congested ports. The continuous congestion in transit to Singapore and Colombo has caused many shipping companies to stop receiving new bookings in Chittagong, Bangladesh!


In addition to Long Beach in Los Angeles, where railroads were suspended due to forest fires, Vancouver and Toronto also joined the congestion and delayed ports! As of the afternoon of July 13th, the Port of Vancouver had a serious accumulation of cargo . There were still as many as 41 ships at anchor in this largest port in Canada. Maersk expects the congestion in the Port of Vancouver will cause at least one week of delays.