What is an international freight forwarder?

What is an international freight forwarder?


International freight forwarders provide global freight transportation services to businesses shipping freight from china to usa,canada France Germany Italy and so on.


A Freight forwarding company plans, coordinates, and arranges the transportation of goods from origin to destination using third-party freight carriers.


Forwarders handle the entire shipping process including all of the necessary paperwork and Customs forms from quote to final delivery.


Along with that, forwarders work behind the scenes as your business partner to ensure the smooth transportation of freight from all points near and far.


VITA is a top international freight forwarder and logistics services company offering air and ocean freight shipping

For over 15 years, VITA has offered superior international freight transportation solutions tailored to your business needs.

How can a forwarder help you business?


It is no doubt  that shipping freight internationally is very complex.

You may have had success working with overseas freight companies to get your goods to the U.S., however, when issues like port delays or a Customs hold occurs, it can be difficult to resolve without professional help.


Shipment delays are usually due to mishandling of documents or incorrect procedures that are unnecessary and could end up causing you wasted time and money.


Especially if you have experienced any of these issues, then working with a trusted and responsible international forwarder is worth considering for you and your business.