What is FCL sea freight service


FCL sea freight service manufacturers tell you that the whole container is shipped by sea, that is, the whole container, which is called FCL. It means that only one consignor of the whole container is transported to the destination port, which is relatively easier than LCL. The manufacturer of FCL sea freight service tells you that the whole container is the freight that the shipper is responsible for packing, counting, stowage and lead sealing. The unpacking of the FCL is generally handled by the consignee.

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What is FCL sea freight service?
FCL sea freight service is a method of transporting large quantities of goods. Only the customer’s own goods are arranged in a container for the transportation of goods. Unlike the LCL service, FCL sea freight service is the customer's own cargo occupies the container space and does not need to be shared with other importers or exporters. In this method of transportation, all goods are listed on a bill of lading.
Why choose FCL service?
When you send more than 10 standard pallets or products with a volume of more than 14 cubic meters: For products exceeding this quantity, the shipping cost of FCL transportation may be lower than the shipping cost of LCL shipping.
Advantages: FCL transportation can optimize costs.
When you need to ensure the safety of the goods: When using FCL sea freight service to ship, the goods will not come into contact with other shippers, and the risk of damage is lower.
Advantages: Shipment and protection of goods through FCL sea freight service.
When your cargo is urgent: FCL sea freight service has shorter transit time because they do not pass through many hubs like LCL service. Advantages: FCL transportation, fast tracking of your shipment.