What does DDU air freight include

Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) is the pre-tax delivery condition of the importing country. When the seller hands over the goods that have not gone through the importing customs clearance formalities and have not been unloaded from the means of transport to the buyer at the designated place of the importing country, they will perform their delivery obligations. The DDU air freight supplier tells you that the seller must bear the risks and costs of shipping the goods to the above designated place. The DDU air freight supplier tells you that this condition can be applied if the import duties are exempted between the buyer and seller countries, and the seller intends to deliver the goods to the buyer's country for delivery to the buyer.

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Quoted or contracted on these terms, the destination of the goods must be specified after the terms of trade.
Group "D" (Arrival), including DAF, DES, DEQ, DDU and DDP, means that the seller bears all costs and risks required to deliver the goods to the country of destination.
LOCAL CHARGE generally refers to other charges incurred in the "other country" in addition to international air (sea) freight. The DDU air freight supplier tells you that it includes: customs declaration fee, inspection and quarantine fee, document fee, security inspection fee, storage fee, storage fee, door-to-door delivery (delivery) fee and other expenses. However, the customs duties and charges of the "other country" are generally not included.
The DDU air freight supplier tells you that in the commonly used terms of FOB and CIF, LOCAL CHARGE is generally not generated for Chinese import and export enterprises, and the export CIF and LOCAL CHARGE are borne by the consignee of the other country. Import FOB, LOCAL CHARGE is borne by the shipper of the other country.
Only goods involving door-to-door transportation, such as door-to-door, port-to-door, and door-to-port goods, will generate LOCAL CHARGE.
Such as: import EXW, the factory picks up the goods. The LOCAL CHARGE from the delivery of the goods from the manufacturer in the other country to the delivery of the goods is all borne by the importers in my country.
Export DDU or DDP, the fee is paid to the designated destination. The LOCAL CHARGE that occurs from the time when the goods arrive at the port of the other country until it is delivered to the designated place of the consignee shall be borne by the exporter of our country. DDU air freight supplier tells you that if you are an exporter, you have to bear it all.