What does DDU air freight mean?

What does DDU air freight mean?
DDU air freight is "Delivered Duty Unpaid" in English, which means "delivered duty unpaid" in Chinese. DDU air freight means that in the actual work process, the exporter and the importer deliver the goods in the importing country, in which the exporter needs to undertake the transportation of the goods to the designated place and bear all the costs and risks. The main note here is that customs duties, taxes, and other official fees are not included.
In layman's terms, DDU air freight means that the consignee and the importer of the goods need to pay the customs duties and other fees that may be incurred when the goods are cleared.

DDU air freight
The details of the fees that need to be paid for DDU air freight are more complicated. If the trade term of DDU air freight needs to be used in the trade process, the importer should ask the other party to leave a written text and stamp it when following the goods and confirming the price. Keep it in case there is no evidence in a later dispute.
What is the difference between DDU air freight and DDP?
The difference between DDU air freight and DDP is the question of who will bear the risks and expenses during the import and customs clearance process of the goods at the destination port. Importers can choose DDP if they have the ability to complete the import declaration by themselves. For example, if they are unable or unwilling to go through import procedures and bear the risks and costs, they can choose DDU air transportation.