DDP air freight company: Considerations for DDP air freight

(1) DDP air freight company stated that under the delivery conditions of DDP air freight, the seller delivered the goods at the designated destination after going through the export customs clearance procedures, which was actually the fact that the seller had already transported the goods into the importer's domestic market. If it is difficult for the seller to go through the import formalities directly, it can also ask the buyer for assistance. DDP air freight terminology should not be used if the seller is unable to obtain an import license or carry out import formalities, directly or indirectly.
(2) DDP air freight company stated that if the parties wished to exclude from the seller's obligations certain charges, such as value-added tax, to be paid for the import of the goods, they should add words to that effect, such as "delivery after duty payment, without value added tax. Pay (insert specified destination)" to make it explicit.
(3) DDP air freight company stated that the buyer is responsible for unloading the goods from the arriving means of transport at the designated destination, but the seller guarantees that the goods are available for unloading. DDP air freight company reminds that the seller should pay attention to the coordination of the place of delivery related to the contract of carriage and the contract of sale when signing the contract of carriage, if the seller incurs unloading charges at the named destination in accordance with the contract of carriage,unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the seller has no right to claim reimbursement from the buyer.
(4) DDP air freight company stated that since the seller bears the risk before delivery at a specific delivery location, the buyer and the seller should specify the delivery address of the specified destination as clearly as possible, preferably to a specific point within the specified destination. . If a specific delivery point is not agreed or cannot be determined, the seller may choose the delivery point most suitable for its purpose at the specified destination.
(5) DDP air freight company stated that the seller has no obligation to the buyer to conclude an insurance contract, but since the risk of the entire transportation process is borne by the seller, the seller usually avoids the risk of cargo transportation by taking out insurance.