DDP air freight company: How can exporters reduce risk?

How can DDP air freight exporters mitigate these risks? DDP air freight company believes that it can be from the following aspects:
First, DDP air freight company believes that it is possible to buy a warehouse-to-warehouse cargo transportation insurance to prevent accidents during transportation.

DDP air freight company
Second, DDP air freight company recommends to find an experienced and capable freight forwarder, because DDP air freight involves a lot of costs. If an inexperienced freight forwarder encounters an error or fails to report, it will cause losses. DDP air freight company reminds that when the consignor makes an inquiry to the freight forwarder, he must explain the situation of the goods clearly, especially the name of the goods, which must be detailed and in Chinese and English, what material, what purpose, and even the model, and the customs code of the goods before Six digits are enough, because the last four digits are basically different from each country's HSCODE, the detailed address and postal code of the destination, or the FOB value, etc.