Development Status of China forwarding agent Industry


China forwarding agent have made indelible contributions to the development of foreign trade and international transportation, as well as the development of the entire national economy. Foreign-funded companies, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises have developed into three powerhouses, competing fiercely in China forwarding agent market, gradually forming a three-pronged approach.

China forwarding agent
The transformation and upgrading of China's foreign economic and trade is accelerating, and the rising trend of e-commerce and supply chain management has put traditional freight forwarding companies under unprecedented pressure. At the same time, the changes in connectivity and consumption upgrades brought about by the "Belt and Road" initiative have brought rare development opportunities to domestic and foreign operations and logistics business expansion of China forwarding agent.
The development speed of China forwarding agent industry has been at the forefront of the world in the past few decades, and the current supply-side reform has brought a challenge and an opportunity to talent training in China forwarding agent industry. Talent training in China forwarding agent industry must conform to the trend of supply-side reform, relying on existing industrial advantages, continue to provide outstanding talents for this industry in the future, and create a new situation in the freight forwarding industry together with China forwarding agent industry.