Indian customs seized 122 containers, containing Chinese exports of goods, exports to India attention

Indian customs recently seized 122 containers from Wan Hai 513, a ship shipped by Wanhai, which is under investigation.


India says these containersSuspected of containing banned Chinese fireworks, electronics, microchips and other contraband.


"Wan Hai 513" container ship, with a capacity of 4500TEU, is a container ship deployed by Wanhai Shipping on CI2 (China-India) route. The ship was attached to Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo and Nansha in Guangzhou in April, left Nansha Port for India on April 21, and arrived at Navasheva Port in India on May 3.



Allegedly theseContainers are made through false declarationsshipped in.


The search and inspection of these containers is a long and complex process.This could lead to enhanced cargo inspection and clearance procedures at Indian ports, resulting in large shipments facing delays.


The Indian Customs and Excise Department has decided that the Deputy Commissioner of a number of container terminals and terminals will inspect the containers on their premises. They will focus on checking containers marked as "reserved" and checking customs declarations for items declared in error.




In March this year, India also seized a batch of Chinese exports. Indian customs at the port of Navasheva in MumbaiIntercept a ship bound for Pakistan from Chinaand seized a number of goods.

According to the information on the bill of lading of the detained goods released by the Indian media, the detained goods weighed 22180 kilograms and departed from Shanghai, China. The consignor was a local freight forwarding enterprise in Shanghai and the consignee was a Pakistani enterprise.