The tension in the Red Sea is spreading, causing chaos for the entire shipping industry.

Maersk said: "The situation in the Red Sea has become more complex over the past few months. To protect the crew, the vessel and your cargo, we will be circling the Cape of Good Hope for the foreseeable future. However, the danger zone has expanded and the attack is stretching further. This forced our ships to extend their voyages further,Cause a temporary increase in the time and cost of delivering your goods to their destination。"

The knock-on effects of this situation include bottlenecks and vessel crowding, as well as delays and shortages of equipment and capacity. WeEstimated industry-wide capacity loss in the second quarter from the Far East to the Nordic and Mediterranean markets is 15-20%.

We are doing everything we can to improve reliability, including speeding up sailing and increasing capacity. Where possible, we have increased production capacity according to customer needs. So far,We have leased over 125000 additional containers.

In response to the current Red Sea crisis, Maersk has issued a warning to its customers,Due to the adjustment of navigation routes and additional costs, container transportation costs will increase. The company will charge the relevant surcharge on the latest invoice to cover the longer voyage, higher sailing speed and additional fuel costs.