Mediterranean Shipping adjusts the call ports of SANTANA services! (First flight on December 15 after upgrade)

SC Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) plans to adjust the call port of SANTANA services to the port of Qingdao, China, in order to improve the reliability of shipping schedules and further reduce transit times. The upgraded route made its maiden voyage on December 15, departing from Qingdao to Mexico, Panama, the Caribbean and the East coast of the United States.

This initiative will provide the Qingdao region and the North China shipping market with the fastest voyages and ample shipping space available from Qingdao to Mexico, Panama, Dominica and the East Coast of the United States. At the same time, our feeder network in CRISTOBAL and CAUCEDO provides intensive coverage to more than a dozen ports in Central and South America, the Caribbean and the east coast of South America.

At present, the export commodities in North China mainly include new energy vehicles, machinery and equipment, clothing, furniture, chemicals, refrigerator products, etc. The upgraded route will be able to greatly meet the direct air transport services of these commodities from Qingdao to Mexico, Panama, the Caribbean and the east coast of the United States.

The full path? Rotation

Yantian - Ningbo - Shanghai - Qingdao - Busan - Manzanillo - Cristobal - Puerto Causedo - New York - Yantian

SANTANA Route shipping date (for reference only) :

Port of departure destination distance (days)
Qingdao Mexico
Qingdao Panama
Qingdao Dominican Republic
Qingdao American
NEW YORK    34
MSC is looking forward to the upgrade of SANTANA route services to meet the growing transport demand of the market. In September this year, MSC Global CEO Soren Toft, when receiving Lu Zhiyuan, then Deputy secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, also said that Qingdao has obvious advantages in opening up and superior port conditions, MSC is full of confidence in investing in Qingdao, and will give full play to its own advantages and increase investment in Qingdao. This time, we actively cooperate with the development of Qingdao Port and the North China market, and timely upgrade the route, further demonstrating our firm confidence and long-term commitment to the Chinese economy and market.

To learn more about our upgraded SANTANA services, please contact our local MSC office.

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